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Dr. YUSUFF, Ridwan Olabisi

Industrial Sociology, Industrial Relations/ Industrial Crime

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Chapter in Book

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Edited Conference proceedings


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Mr. ONIMAJESIN Salihu Isiaka




Dr. (Mrs) ISIAKA Monsurat

Criminology, Penology, Forensic science, Policing and Gender studies

1.Ibrahim, A.K., Isiaka M.,     

             Salihu,H.A., Balogun, O.S., &

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             Dynamics     of police

             Exhortation on the Nigerian


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Incidence of Drug Abuse and

Violence among the Youths in

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Factors and Adolescents’

 SubstanceAbuse: A Study of

             Adolescent Substance Abusers in

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Journal of Sociology Vol. 3 No.1

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Mr. SALIHU Habib Abdulrauf




Mr. BALOGUN Obasanjo Solomon

Criminology, sociology of crime anddelinquency, social problems

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Mrs. AKANGBE Tomisin Adedunmola


1. Ibrahim, A.K., Isiaka M.,     

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Dynamics     of police

Exhortation on the Nigerian

Highways. Ilorin journal of

Sociology. 10 (1)134-144     






Mr. IBRAHIM Abdullahi  Kayode

Criminology, penology, forensic science, social problems.

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